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Today, May 13, 2021, KOMATSU celebrates its 100th anniversary.

This is an important milestone in the life of this multinational, of Japanese origin, which since its foundation has been dedicated to the manufacture of equipment and the provision of industrial solutions.

Established in the city of Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture, KOMATSU is committed to quality and reliability, maximizing the trust of customers, shareholders, distributors, suppliers and other business partners.

Over the next 100 years, KOMATSU will continue on its path, continuing its relationship with its partners, creating value through manufacturing and technological innovation, enabling a sustainable future, where people, companies and the planet thrive together.

With the new Creating Value Together signature, KOMATSU strives to fulfill this same promise, globalizing operations, diversifying and, together, creating even more value.

Cimertex is proud to have established a solid relationship and a true partnership with KOMATSU, for more than 53 years, being currently one of the oldest worldwide distributors of this important manufacturer, of the largest and most varied range of equipment and industrial solutions.

In the different places where it is present, Cimertex discloses the KOMATSU brand, wanting at this time to thank its customers for the confidence with which they have been distinguishing it, year after year, thus joining the celebration of this hundredth anniversary, an extremely important milestone in the life of this manufacturer and partner.

Congratulations to KOMATSU and its customers.

100 years Komatsu – Creating Value Together – see the story: