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Rammer customer in USA, Fay, has been using the RD3 (remote monitoring) units on their Rammer hammers since April of 2020.

“To test the accuracy and reliability, we had a group of our highly utilized hydraulic hammers equipped with the RD3 device. Once we installed them, which was a very easy process, we found that the RD3 units were conveying information that we have been manually tracking for some time. After a period of 2 months of heavy use with our hammers, we found that the units were still accurate and held up under the abuse of its application. With the use of the RD3 units, we can prevent any potential future down time due the data that is conveyed to us from the RD3 to help reduce costs and increase revenues.” says Sean P. Schoedel Equipment Manager from Fay and continues “Additionally, the “My Fleet“ website, used to review the hammers’ data, is filled with much of the information that our company needs to monitor our assets. The GPS locations, the utilization for any given time periods, as well as the service cycles are always up to date within a 24-hour period. The web page is a useful tool to monitor one to multiple hammers at any given time.”.

“Overall, our team at the Joseph B. Fay Company is quite pleased with the RD3 product and have since purchased more hydraulic hammers from our US distributor Allied. After our testing, it is now a prerequisite to have the RD3 part of the asset prior to its arrival.“ Schoedel sums up.