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Diaphragm Wall Equipment: KRC1-B125XP

Cutting Width

800 mm

Cutting Length

2.500 mm

Maximum Depth

30 m

A story with good foundations

Casagrande was founded in 1963 and it has up today manufactured 20,000 units and applications. In recent years, more than 500 men and women have worked for the growth of the Casagrande group, providing the best known in the industry. Casagrande is a brand worldwide recognized, synonymous with power and stability, chosen by all those who seek solid foundations for your company.

SMART POWER management system

An innovative control system has been developed for the XP series – Smart Power Management (SPM) - which allows managing engine power to improve machines performance and its productivity. The SPM system monitors instantaneous power flows in real time and allocates power available for the working functions. In this way, the operational functions always have the maximum power available.

The power where it is needed

The XP series hydraulic system adopts Load Sensing technology. Unlike common hydraulic management systems, the Load Sensing system, through load measurement, communicates with pumps and distributors, and thus only the required amount of oil is produced by the pumps. By allowing us to manage the power demand, we can achieve fuel savings of up to 25%.

Diaphragm Wall Equipment