Production Jumbo: DL411

Hole Depth

54 m

Hole Range

64 - 115 mm

Minimum Width

2.300 mm

Auto Mine. Mining automation system

Sandvik Mining's automation expertise is the result of years of continuous research, development and close collaboration with our customers. We currently offer the most advanced automation solutions in the industry. These solutions significantly increase productivity and security, reducing operation total cost. We also offer a wide range of products optimized for your specific mining needs.

SanRemo. It is possible to be in the office and in the field at the same time

The SanRemo system is based on remote monitoring of the machine. With online access, access is possible anywhere, through the service portal Simply enter the user and password and the exact location of work and real-time data are available at your fingertips. The customer can access data on productivity, performance and maintenance, as well as the location of the machines in his fleet. Based on this data, you can immediately detect changes in the machine utilization, efficiency, measure project development, and do maintenance schedules without even leaving the office.
The SanRemo service not only reduces the number of visits to the site, helping to accurately invoice the services performed, as well as allows keeping track of production trends and long-term goals. Greater process control translates into clear improvements in equipment performance.

ISURE, tool for tunnel management, analysis and projection

ISURE® is a new, revolutionary system for designing, analysing and managing tunnel information. It helps optimizing the drilling and bursting pattern. The system provides specific guides on the different phases of drilling and bursting, keeping track of the design costs and ensuring the process of tunnel execution.