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Underground Loader: LH410

Power Rating

235 KW

Operating Weight

28.500 Kg

Bucket Capacity

4 - 5,4 m³

Sandvik LH410 is an underground loader with 10 000 kg payload capacity. Compact size, but advanced on technical solutions, which we can usually find on large scale mining loaders and on the intelligent i-series. The advanced Sandvik LH410 is equipped with Sandvik Inteligent Control System as standard, monitoring the equipment productivity and health, enabling multiple smart solutions. It is an equipment with high performance on difficult applications, better ergonomy for the operador and with multiple built-in safety features. With a compact but light design along with a reliable structure, this equipment ensures a reliable and economical productivity. Sandvik is a matching pair for three-pass loading with Sandvik TH430 dump truck.

Underground Loader