Material Handlers: MHL 250 E

Power Rating

85 KW / 116 HP

Operating Weight

15.500 Kg

Top controls and high comfort

The control center is comfortable and high-level, as Terex® Fuchs has always paid special attention to all cab equipment. For the design team, the operator's work environment defines occupational safety, ergonomics and efficiency. Control of the joystick should be intuitive, the multifunctional monitor must have large panoramic windows and the overall design of the cab provides an optimized working environment, all of which are standard features of all Terex® Fuchs machines.

Unrivaled quality

The power to move
Fuchs' cargo handlers bring added advantages to the cargo handling industry. The powerful and reliable hydraulic system allows fast and efficient lifting and the rotational maneuvers are precisely controlled through the smooth interface. Thus, even when handling heavy loads with high working radius, stability remains constant.

Low maintenance

Durability and low maintenance are priorities of Terex® Fuchs. Designers ensure that maintenance work on machinery will end up in minimum costs. The most important components are effectively protected from pollution and damage, and the process of exchanging parts subject to wear should be carried out at ground level or through the easily accessible maintenance platform.

BlueEVOLUTION: The Future Generation

Evolution means continuous development and this philosophy has been successfully implemented by Terex® Fuchs, which from the outset has become the leader in the innovation market. The driving force of all our efforts is to offer the most modern technologies and the best quality to the customer.
BlueEVOLUTION means an intelligent and comprehensive set of energy-related measures, harmonizing economic viability, performance and resource savings. Thus, Terex® Fuchs assumes the role of world leader.