The industrial complex continues to be a highly sought type of equipment in Portugal.

Its versatility, mobility and the most affordable value contribute to the continued demand for this type of equipment.

Fortunately, Komatsu introduced the new generation in 2018, with several customers already purchasing Cimertex’s new WB93R-8 in 2019.

In line with the Komatsu culture, this generation sets modern and reference lines in comfort, safety and operating performance. The national market is characterized by the most demanding use of these equipments and the required versatility is also referential.

For this reason, Komatsu has gathered relevant information from Portuguese customers, which, together with the large number of Komatsu industrial plants operating in Portugal, will certainly provide good sales prospects and, above all, a level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Some distinctive features that stand out can be seen from every Komatsu point of sale: low operating costs, safety and operator comfort, Komtrax 3G, front visibility, EU Stage IV engine.

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