Cimertex, Rammer’s Portuguese official dealer, celebrates the return of an important demolition customer, after 10 years with the company, António Costa Almeida, Lda.

Since its foundation, António Costa Almeida, Lda is a loyal Rammer customer promoting the brand by using a wide range of demolition tools (RD 32, RD 18, RC4, RC 6, BC 807, BC 2525 ) and a large fleet of IN series hammers.

When marking his return as a Rammer customer, António Costa Almeida, Lda invested in several equipment, such as the new 2,040 kg Rammer 3288E hydraulic hammer (equipped with a monitoring system), metal frame cutters and sprayers.

These new acquisitions complete the company’s fleet of five Compact Range 315 hammers and two 533 hammers, which are used in mini-excavators for small-scale demolition work.

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