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We present the hybrid range of Powerscreen equipment:

– Reduced operating costs;

– Switch easily between energy sources;

– Increased uptime;

– Can be used in a variety of applications;

– Environmentally friendly;

– Versatile.

Powerscreen® Hybrid gives you alternative energy source options, letting you choose how to power your equipment, depending upon cost, location and availability.

The Powerscreen® Hybrid range will be of special interest if you operate in an area where electricity is more cost effective than diesel fuel and on sites where electricity is the preferred energy source.

Powerscreen® Hybrid machines have additional electric/hydraulic drive system which can be connected into an external electricity supply.

Hybrid is best when:

– Electricity is freely available or generated on site;

– Complete crushing spreads are run using a stationary genset;

– Electricity is preferred over diesel fuel;

– Diesel fumes are not permitted e.g. underground;

– Diesel engine noise not permitted or preferred;

– Running in conjunction with another Powerscreen electric machine.

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