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Fuchs® Telematics

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Get a handle on fleet management: Recognize and Optimize Potential. The Fuchs® Telematics system knows exactly how and where everything is running.The system offers a modern solution to help you analyse and optimize the efficiency of your machines. It records and communicates valuable information on the operating status of each individual machine. Where are the machines? How are they working? Is a service check pending? Available anywhere and at any time with a user-friendly interface, online via a PC, tablet and smartphone:

  • The entire machinery at a glance;
  • The status of each machine at a glance;
  • The same precise overview as in the cockpit;
  • A detailed utilization report;
  • Automatic and timely reminders;
  • Fuel consumption report, etc.

Take advantage of this advanced software and get a handle on your fleet management with the tool that connects for you.