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Hydraulic Pilling Rig: B175XP-2

Operating Weight

Approximately 42.500 kg (depending on the optionals)

Rotary Head

175 kNm torque

Casagrande B175XP-2 is a dedicated machine, to perform large diameter rotary and CFA pilling.
Due to the high torque of the rotary head, up to 175 kNm, and to a powerful winch, the B175XP-2 is capable of drilling rapidly large diameter and deep piles. The crowd winch, with 280 kN line pull, and the stroke of the rotary head of 13,5 meters allow to drive the casings deep into the ground, with extreme accuracy.
The Smart Power Management (SPM) allows an inteligent engine power management, in order to improve the equipment productivity and performance.The XP tecnology monitors the intantaneous power flow and allocates the full available power to task requirements.
B175XP-2 was designed to meet the CE directives, in terms of safety, and complies with ISO9001 requirements on quality.

Hydraulic Pilling Rig