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Electric Scissor Lift: 78XEII

Load Capacity

230 Kg

Max. Height

7,8 m

Platform Measures

1.670 x 780 mm


It has preventive mechanisms such as support bars for when maintenance is carried out on the equipment and also valves in the hydraulic system to prevent the platform from falling if there is a rupture or leak in the hydraulics. It also allows to lower the platform manually, through a valve, in case of problems in the lifting system or lack of battery. It’s possible to move the platform with the pull of a valve. The platform contains a roll-over protection system activated whenever the platform is raised more than 2 meters and an alarm system when the platform is not levelled.

Ease of maintenance

Easy access to all systems: electric and batteries; hydraulic.

Operation Comfort

Great versatility to work in small spaces, both indoors and outdoors, due to the compact size. Ease of carrying out work using the extensible platform.