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Diesel Tow Truck: HC20RB-D

Power Rating

42,1 kW / 56 HP

Travel Speed

25,5 Km/h

Towing Capacity

26.000 / 39.000 Kg


The braking is distributed between the front and rear of the tow truck. The hydromechanical transmission makes its operation easy and avoids the bad operation of the gears. The traction control system has a safety mechanism so that it does not change position without being purposeful. It has a safety switch to shut down the tow truck.

Ease of maintenance

All components are easily accessible. Designed for maintenance to be easily and quickly done.

Operation Comfort

The new digital instrument panel allows visualization of all the vital and important information of the machine in an intuitive and simple way, by the operator. The steering system has been improved, reducing the required force.

Diesel Tow Truck