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Quality Policy

Cimertex SA, in order to reinforce its leadership position and prestige in the target market, has defined the following Quality Policy based on the principle of customer loyalty, through a stable relationship and deepening on its specific needs, offering them equipment and services that guarantee their total satisfaction:
· Involving Employees in the common goal: Customer / Market satisfaction.
· Innovating and diversifying the offer of products and services.
· Developing the knowledge and skills of Employees, committing them to standards of ethics, safety, environment and quality.
· Implementing Information Systems that allow to respond effectively to the business management.
· Taking into account the interest of the Shareholders.
· Establishing close ties and lasting relationships with its Representatives.
· Developing partnerships with its Suppliers, in order to respond to cost, quality and time requirements.
· Ensuring compliance with the Quality Management System, with the purpose of improving the effectiveness and adequacy of the services provided.
· Becoming more competitive, improving Operational Efficiency levels.


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Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (APCER)

Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2015 (IQNET)


Security Policy

Cimertex has made a continuous effort to be at the forefront of all the companies in its sector and the safety of its employees is, in this context, of crucial importance.
From past years till today, as a result of the new business areas in which we have entered, we have had constant learning in the security chapter, which now ought to be reused.
Because we feel there is a need to raise security policy to the top priority of the organization, we have decided to create a set of measures that will help us achieve our goal: zero accidents.
In this context, we have signed the following commitment statement:
· Cimertex establishes as a priority objective the respect for risk, in a cultural attitude of permanent meaning of this element in its daily activity.
· Cimertex promotes the safety of its employees as a social parity of any modern organization.
There is no productivity without security, therefore the execution of the work can never be disregarded by the risk.