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Surface Down-The-Hole Drill Rig: LEOPARD DI550

Operating Weight

23.000 Kg

Drill Rod Diameter

76/89/102/114 mm

Hole Range

90 - 165 mm

Sandvik Leopard DI550 down-the-hole (DTH) drill rig has excellent mobility, being able to serve multiple sites. It is a realiable equipment, trusted by mining and construction companies and contractors. Normally used in pre-split and regular production blasthole drilling. It has a 328 kW (1800 rpm) diesel engine and a 24.4 m³ compressor airflow at 24 bar pressure, becoming the perfect match for the 5" DTH hammer. Nevertheless, the rig performs efficiently and economically if you choose to use a 4" or 6" hammer. As all power is fully used, translating into low energy consumption, allowing operating costs reduction and higher productivity.

Surface Down-The-Hole Drill Rig