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Hydraulic Drilling Rig: HBR508-2


it can be equipped with rotary head or hydraulic drifter

Operating Weight

15.000 kg (depending on the optionals)

The Hütte HBR508-2 is an hydraulic drilling rig for micropiles and gound anchors, foundation construction, soil drilling, slope stabilization and geotechnical drilling.

It is one of the most compact and efficient drilling rigs for micropiles, produced with increased power. Designed to be lighter and efficient, it has a powerfull crowd and extraction force. The drilling mast and rotary head stroke were developed to perform the most difficult jobs. Thanks to a new joint system, HBR508-2 is an equipment rapid to operate. It features a light and robust design to install high capacity micropiles on challenging conditions and soil / rock profiles.

The HBR508-2 can be tailored to customer requirements or geological conditions: a wide range of rotary heads and drilling accessories are available to extend the applications of this drilling machine.

Hydraulic Drilling Rig