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Wheeled Midi Excavator: PW98MR-10

Power Rating

50,7 KW / 68 HP

Operating Weight

9.800 - 10.500 Kg

Bucket Capacity

Máx. 0,282 m³

KOMTRAX Satellite System

KOMTRAX ™, installed as standard on most Komatsu machines, is an innovative system that allows you to monitor all essential information about your Komatsu equipment directly on your computer. In any country where KOMTRAX ™ transmission is allowed, when the system is activated on a machine, the data is uploaded regularly via satellite or via mobile communication and can be accessed easily through a web browser. A wide variety of parameters is available to precisely state the condition of your KOMTRAX ™ equipped machines. You can optimize your production by increasing efficiency and proactive maintenance. Komtrax ™ is a tool that helps you manage your fleet of Komatsu machines easily and at no cost.

Engines With Komatsu EU Stage IIIB Technology

The technologies developed over many years and owned by Komatsu, make engines more efficient and with reduced emissions. The Stage IIIB diesel engine reduces particulate emissions by more than 90% and nitrogen oxides (NOx) by more than 45%, when compared to the Stage IIIA levels, while lowering fuel consumption. Through the development of engines, hydraulic units, control systems and specific main components, Komatsu, with its equipment, has achieved exceptional performance and a wide range of operating conditions. Since customers expect exceptional performance and quality from machines, all equipment is designed to meet expectations, with an emphasis on reduced fuel consumption and a lower impact on the environment.

Work In Confined Spaces

KOMATSU mini and midi excavators have short-tail. They have excellent digging speed and strength in confined spaces, where traditional machines cannot work: fences, road works, demolition works, sewers, among others. The robustness and excellent stability instill maximum safety and confidence in the operator, in all working conditions.

6 working modes

Komatsu excavators provide the necessary power with reduced fuel consumption. There are 6 working modes available: Power, Elevation / Precision Operation, Hammer, Economy, Attachments in Power mode and Economy mode. The operator achieves an ideal balance between power and economy to perform the required task. The oil flow supplied to the hydraulic attachments is also directly adjustable on the large monitor panel, the best of its kind.

Wheeled Midi Excavator