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Electric Pallet Truck: HC30PP-PR

Load Capacity

3.000 Kg

Load Center

600 mm

STD Battery

280 AH

Flyer Cimertex

Rental Cimarent

Knowing your business, help us to propose an equipment rental solution that increases productivity, free up investment means for your business and adjust your ability to respond to the level of activity of each moment. We are also present whenever specific and timely needs arise. A specialized team, with more than 15 years of experience, is willing to analyse each situation, carefully and on a fast way. Our policy concerning fleet is based on two complementary ideas: new equipment and a diverse range of equipment available.

The rental activity is governed by certified processes, complying with the quality standards, obeying a strict security policy, risk coverage and compliance with applicable legislation. Ask us for the available ranges and consult us for more detailed information.


Electric Pallet Truck