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Cimertex has been working in the area of special foundations and geotechnics since 2004, the year in which we relaunched Casagrande in Portugal.

Casagrande, apart from being one of the leading brands in this area, makes available almost all known technologies, with special emphasis on the most recent ones.

Casagrande has recently launched the new XP2 series , therefore we believe that it would be a good timing to hold a thematic seminar in this area, presenting our portfolio of solutions.

With the support of factory specialists from Casagrande and Ischebeck Titan, we will present the latest equipment and trends, trying to exchange impressions, provide new solutions and also learn and improve our products.

The Seminar will take place at Pousada de Queluz, in September 14, at 9:30 and it will end with a lunch.