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With more than a century of activity, KOMATSU is characterized by a strong commitment to technology and innovation. This time, through the KOMATSU HB365NLC-3: hybrid excavator of 36ton, the brand puts another equipment of excellence in the market.

We did a demonstration at our client “António Costa Almeida Demolições”, where it was possible to observe a bulldozer of 36 ton to feeding, during several hours, a fleet of four trucks of 21 m3.

The loading cycle of the four transport units concludes in 15 minutes, reaching an average of 336 m3/hour. Besides the large production capacity, the low consumption represents another pleasant surprise, with around 25 liters/hour .

The HB365NLC-3 presents a set of advantages and guarantees: consumption reduction up to 30% when compared to PC360; 5 years or 10,000 warranty hours for the hybrid system; KomatsuCare maintenance program included; among many other benefits.

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