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Surface Top Hammer Drill Rig: RANGER DX800i

Power Rating

185 KW

Operating Weight

19.600 Kg

Hole Range

64 - 127 mm

The new Ranger DX800i is a member of the new Ranger Dxi family. It has several unique features, such as: the most powerfull rock drill in its class, several Sandvik Intelligent features and a counterweight for higher stability, which allows to keep the weight opposite the boom, despite its revolving superstructure. Ranger DX800i characterizes the new revolutionary generation of Ranger DXi surface top hammer drill rigs, with a drilling coverage of 290° (55 m²), becoming the most powerful equipment in its class. Typical applications for Ranger DX800i are road cutting, pipe-line drilling and foundation drilling, as well as production drilling in medium size quarries. Therefore Ranger DX800i is usually used by construction contractors, mines and quarries, and also included in rental fleets.