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Demolition Equipment: RPV29R


2.850 Kg

Carrier Machine Weight

26.000 - 32.000 Kg


200 - 220 l/min


300 - 350 bar

Rammer Demolition Equipments

Rammer Demolition accessories (example: pulverisers, cutter crusher, scrap shears, sorting grapples, multiprocessors) are designed to perform a wide range of functions, such as primary and secondary demolitions. Its sturdy and reliable construction allows great flexibility in demolition operations. These accessories allow you to cut, crush, separate and spray a wide variety of construction materials, to facilitate controlled demolition and recycle all of its components. As a leader in the demolition and recycling sector, Rammer has many years of experience in this type of accessories, which combine power with the compact structure in the manufactured equipment, combining great reliability, durability, profitability and productivity. These accessories allow intelligent and safe work.