Haverter Heads: S132


1.364 Kg

Drums Opening

625 mm

Knife Opening

690 mm

Knowledge and Quality

Komatsu Forest is literally the best of both worlds, resulting from the association of almost 50 years of knowledge of the forest market, coupled with the mindset and attention to detail of Komatsu Corporation. These factors have created an unique combination of quality, covering planning, development and production, sales support and services, both locally, regionally and globally, with its motto: Knowledge and Quality, Today and Tomorrow.

Ergonomics and efficiency

Komatsu gives special importance to the operator's working conditions, enabling him to achieve greater efficiency and better performance on the long run. As an example, Komatsu harvesters have a self-leveling and full-rotation cab, which maximizes operator visibility and eliminates rotational head movements. Our machines are equipped with the Maxi system, the most modern and powerful control and information system in the market. This way, the operator has the right tools and information to make the right decisions about machine control, maintenance and service. It's this ergonomics that make it possible to work all day long with high productivity and efficiency.

Environment and productivity

Forest is a renewable resource that, if used wisely, can create sustainable and profitable development. For us, preserving the environment means much more than merely fulfilling requirements. It is, above all, to develop solutions that translate into lower pollutant emissions, reduce ecological footprint and lower fuel consumption, which can turn normative requirements into a strong environmental awareness with concrete competitive advantages. For these reasons, we design and create our machines with a minimum environmental impact while maintaining an entrepreneurial attitude in environmental issues. Through these efforts, we aim to benefit our customers and society as a whole, striving for sustainability and productivity, turning them out to be the two inseparable sides of the same coin.