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Telescopic Handlers: P120.10HM

Power Rating

125 KW / 170 HP

Lifting Capacity

12.000 Kg

Lifting Height

9.800 mm


The chassis results from a set of ingenious ideas, presenting several solutions that allow the MERLO range to offer unique features in the market. As an example, all the multi-loaders have a 70mm thick steel wheel ring on the base of the chassis to lower the load center, eliminating the need for counterweight, as well as protecting sensitive components such as headlights and hoods.

Hydrostatic transmission

MERLO traditionally has extensive experience in equipment with hydrostatic transmission, which allows great fuel economy, always-available binary and unparalleled sensitivity and precision.

HM Version

The HM versions have specific features, such as a regeneration system, when the double-acting cylinder on the boom is being used, in which the pressurized oil does not go to the tank, but directly to the cylinder. This system allows a 36% increase in the boom lift speed. The hydraulic system allows the operator to perform up to 3 movements of the boom simultaneously, due to the existence of a valve that distributes the hydraulic flow. The CVTronic transmission, present in these models, provides smooth acceleration up to 40 km/h and without any interruption in torque. At low RPM, the two hydrostatic engines work together to deliver maximum torque, with a 12% increase, compared to conventional hydrostatic transmissions.