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Komatsu hybrid technology, present in excavators, has been a success. The HB365NLC-3 model is an excellent example.

Komatsu has long been committed to a sustainable world and concern for the future of the environment, when it started the project in 1999 and incorporated hybrid technology into excavators in 2008.

This technology already has three generations of models, continuously improved, with the inherent advantages: fuel savings, reduced exhaust emissions, noise reduction.

The work data leaves no room for doubt. In the Komatsu HB365NLC-3 excavator there is a reduction in consumption between 20% and 30%, as well as an increase in production in the order of 15%, compared to the conventional excavator PC360NLC-11.

Komatsu’s world leadership position has also enabled it to take the lead in introducing this technology, since more than 5,000 hybrid units have been sold worldwide since 2010. In Portugal, Cimertex follows the trend. The confidence in this technology is evident, to the point that the Komatsu brand offers a 5-year or 10,000-hour warranty for the hybrid system.

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